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We offer a full range of services covering corporate and business litigation, insurance law, malpractice, employment law, real estate, probate, family law, and other areas of general personal injury matters.

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Lowe Mobley Lowe & LeDuke has secured countless victories at both the state and federal level. Our Attorneys are known for their exceptional track record of success and impressive number of courtroom victories.

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Restrictive Covenants Act

As a young HR Manager, I remember the overwhelming task of trying to not merely learn all of the laws and regulations affecting the workplace, but also staying abreast of the seemingly endless changes to that body of law.  For our Alabama

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The Law of the Place

The attorneys at LMLL enjoy the practice of law and helping our clients achieve their objectives.  In addition to our years in law school, we have a combined 106 years in private practice.  As Justice Story opined, the law is “a jealous

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The Value of Due Process

Criminal Procedure is a law school course with several doctrines that clarify with life experiences. One such topic is due process. Due process is the “conduct of legal proceedings according to established rules and principles for the protection ...

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Oh, the THINKS you can Think…

I was recently invited to read to an elementary school class in celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  In a previous such engagement, I arrived sans a book to read.  Ever the quick study, I went online to purchase  the perfect book for last

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